Über uns

V S P is defined by an innovative history, one that marries artistic craft with technical evolution. This creative balance exists within each collection. With two separate mainlines; V S P and Vespucci by V S P, we are committed to shift our structure and operations to a more responsible and sustainable approach everyday.

The V S P mainline embodies timeless designs with a luxurious and feminine spirit. The pinnacle collection is underpinned by 35 years of creative experimentation in leather, shearling, knits, and special fabrics. The feminine style, innovation, and a sensitivity to technical craft are woven into every detail.

VESPUCCI by V S P aims to redefine luxury in an innovative concept, making its timeless collections more accessible, functional and long-lasting. To celebrate the modern women and men, the unique collections use genuine leather and shearling, woven coats, jackets, pants, skirts, and innovative accessory designs.

VESPUCCI by VSP | MEN zeichnet sich durch zeitlose Kollektionen aus, die ein Gefühl von Selbstvertrauen und Stil vermitteln.

Um die Synergie zwischen Design und Handwerk zu feiern, werden in der Herren-Kollektion Lammfell- und Ledermäntel, Jacken, Hosen und innovative Taschen verwendet.